Slow Research

2020 – Article – Visual Artists’ News Sheet

Outlining the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on artistic projects.


In Course of Rearrangement: Material Speculations on Absent Histories




2019 – Project pamphlet – design by Kaye Toland

Embedding diversity in organic and low input food systems.


Thinking Long: ‘Slow’ Practice in Rural Places

2016 –


SPUD: A Dialogical Aesthetic Enquiry

2015 – Seed Broadsheet – agri-Culture Journal

Farming knowledge, food security, seed heritage and sustainability


New Ecologies between Art and Rural Life: Between Art
and Rural Life Towards a Collaborative Re-imaging of
Place and Community in Rural Ireland

2014 – Irish Families and Globalization: Conversations about Belonging and Identity
across Space and Time, Groves Monograph Series

The X-PO project’s exploration of regionality in the West of Ireland.


Aughty in Transit(ion): Are We There Yet?

2014 – Commissioned for Aughty film

Published with the support of Galway County Council


Revisiting and Reframing the Anthropological Archive

2013 – Irish Journal of Anthropology – Co-written with Anne Byrne

An alternative methodology of reflexive revisiting to foster ‘empathetic insight’.



2012 – Project pamphlet

The future is in the ground.


2015 – Project Pamphlet

The future is at your feet.


Acknowledging Rural Complexity

2012 – Public Art Review – issue 47

Interview with Deirdre O’Mahony


New Ecologies Between Rural Life and Visual Culture in the
West of Ireland: History, Context, Position, and Art Practice. 

2012 – Doctoral thesis – University of Brighton

Questioning trans-disciplinary reflection on local/rural and national/global connections.


Abandoned Clare – ‘Bad’ Nostalgia or Re-membering?

2011 – Abridged 0-20 – Introduction by Gregory McCartney

A reminder of preexisting alternative ways of doing things in County Clare.


Family and Community: (Re)Telling Our Own Story

2011 – Journal of Family Issues – Co-written with Anne Byrne and the
Rinnamona Research Group

An inquiry into dominant narratives through collaborative community research.


The Trouble with Beauty

2006 – Seminar Paper – The Visual Artists’ News Sheet

Considering aesthetics, ecology and the landscape of the West of Ireland.



“Incorrigibly plural”? Rural Life worlds Between Concept and Experience

2014 – Iain Biggs – Canadian Journal of Irish Studies – Vol. 38, Nos. 1+2

Crisis and the Visual Arts in Ireland

2015 – Pat Cooke – Études irelandaises 40-2