Articles and Writings

 PhD Research:

Doctoral thesis: O’Mahony, D. New Ecologies Between Rural Life and Visual Culture in the West of Ireland: History, Context, Position, and Art Practice. University of Brighton, 2012. Here

Journal Articles/Book Chapters:

O’Mahony D., “Asted: Groundworks”, Essay, Grasslands , Denmark. 2019     

O’Mahony D., “Going Underground” Rurality Re-imagined, Oro Ed., CA/U. London, 2018     

From Turf To Tools Residency based research and commissioned text for the Scottish Sculpture Workshop Abdereenshire, UK.   

O'Mahony, D, “New Ecologies between Art and Rural Life...”, Irish Families and Globalization: Conversations about Belonging and Identity across Space and Time, Groves Monograph Series, Pub. University of Michigan Press. 2014, OMahony_New_Ecologies_between_Art_and_Rural_Life.pdf

On  the Rinnamona Research Group and the Harvard Irish Mission project at X-PO:

Anne Byrne & O’Mahony D.,  Revisiting_and_Reframing_the_Anthropological_Archive_161_2013-2_1.pdf : The Harvard Irish Survey (1930 – 1936)”. Ir. Journal of Anthropology, Vol.16.

Anne Byrne & O’Mahony D., Family and Community: (Re)Telling Our Own Story Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies. SAGE Pub. USA

O’Mahony D., Up From the Country, VAI Newsletter July/August 2016, 2016         

O’Mahony D., Thinking Long: “Slow” Practice in Rural Places,

Catalogue Essays:

“In Course Of Rearrangement: Material Speculations on Absent Histories”, Marielle MacLeman Exhibition Catalogue, The Lab, Dublin and Galway Arts Centre 2019.

 “Aughty In Transit(ion): Are We There Yet?” Aughty, Megs Morley & Tom Flannagan Film project and book. 2014.

Other Texts:

Here to here and back again. Honest Ulsterman, July 2020

Letter to Lucy Lippard:  A Letter to Lucy 20 Aug.pdf

Abandoned ClareEssay Abandoning the RuraL DOMahony .pdf

Abandoned Clare full publication Pdf: Abridged 0- 20: Abandoned Clare:  Abridged-0-20-Abandoned-Clare.pdf

Seminar Paper on early landscape based work: Deirdre OMahony Seminar paper Trouble_beauty VAI .pdf

Texts and Papers by others:

Pat Cooke Catalogue Essay 2008: Pat Cooke Essay Inside Outsider

Frances Whitehead: Frances Whitehead on 'Post-Normal Art' 

Aiden Dunne on Abandoned Clare: A duty to document dereliction.pdf