In Spring 2013, participants at X-PO  made a lazy-bed as part of a demonstrattion and examination of tacit knowledge. Adding to this process an archive of SPUD research was collated and shared between Frances Whitehead and Deirdre O’Mahony, and installed in the former post office. Mirroring the process, a lazy-bed was planted at Grizedale Arts in Cumbria using the methods outlined at X-PO.

Deirdre OMahony Lazybed at X-PO 2013

Deirdre OMahony  Frances Whitehead Diaspora Pappa map and installation X-PO 2013

DEIRDRE OMAHONY Spud Archive X-PO 2013

Other local horticulturalist collaborators were key to the SPUD archive, including Francis Whelan who documented his planting of a small field over the season of 2011, and Tom Barry who donated seed potatoes and gave a demonstration to local growers. Irish Seedsavers, based in East Clare, also donated a mix of resilient heritage and modern hybrid seed stocks for trial.

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