SPUD: Morocco

SPUD Morocco

Deirdre O'Mahony, Right: Rephotographed version of Jean Luc Modene’s 1996 site-specific EV+A project. left: the actual version.

Action | SPUD: Morocco Deirdre O’Mahony. Nominated by EVA International Biennial of Contemporary Art
The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) Network Activity explored the idea of Art as an Instrument and Expression of Social Change in Taroudant, Morocco, in April 2014. Participants were asked to propose workshops, talks and interventions for the network event and O’Mahony was nominated by EVA International to take part.

Taking as a starting point Jean Luc Modene’s 1996 site-specific EV+A project, the intention was to restage Modene’s Potatoes banner on the historic walls of Taroudant. As this was not possible, a screening of films and an exhibition took place in Taroudant University Gallery including the SPUD Animation, the Lifeline films made by Nadege Meriau for SPUD: London, a poster print of Diaspora Papa by Frances Whitehead and documentation of X-PO SPUD research. Potato cakes were also made and served during the exhibition event. One of the outcomes of the event was new relationships with Anna Lindh Foundation members in both Spain and Morocco and a project with JIWAR emerged from connections made at the event in Morocco.


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SPUD Morocco exhibition