Persistent Return Installation VISUAL Photo Ros Kavanagh

The Persistent Return


The Persistent Return is a moving image installation first presented at VISUAL in Ireland in June 2018 and subsequently at the Natuurmuseum Fryslân as part of the 2018 European Capital Of Culture. The moving-image installation represents the culmination of O’Mahony’s research-led project SPUD (2009 - 2019) and  follows the migration of potato from the Andes to Europe and the human cost of privileging scientific and political rationalism at the expense of humanity.

Funded through an Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award, commissioned by Workhouse Union as part of Workhouse Guild with additional support from VISUAL Carlow and the residency programme of the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

The Persistent Return exhibition at the Natuurmuseum Fryslân was supported by Culture Ireland.

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