A Letter to Lucy

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Contemporary Art Responses for 1913 Lockout Centenary curated by Helen Carey
presented by Mockingbird Arts with Pallas Projects/Studios

Running from 24th August - 21st Sept 2013

Anthony Haughey / Deirdre O Mahony / Mark Curran / Deirdre Power – Pallas Projects/Studios

The relationship between Labour and Capital shifted irrevocably in 1913 in the Great Dublin Lockout, just as it is shifting today – whether through the directives that change the face of rural labour, or the lockouts of our time, or the marketplace which directed our lives without our even knowing, or that the spaces we think are public but are governed by restrictive rules, or how we perform in relationship to knowledge and the past – this is what A LETTER TO LUCY addresses, what these artists take on. 

Helen Carey Curator.

Letter to Lucy and Patagonia Painting 1 Molds Bog sm

Letter to Lucy takes its title from an email to writer, curator and activist Lucy R . Lippard written by Deirdre O'Mahony to Lippard in response to the statement framing the 2013 Creative Time Summit. It is an open letter - a kind of communiqué from the outlands.  A Letter to Lucy 20 Aug.pdf It is placed beside Patagonia Painting No.1: Lough Ree Bog, Co. Roscommon, Oil/gesso/board, 20 x 30 cm, 2013.The intention with this painting is to draw attention to the way that arguments around land/scape and land use are increasingly dominated by aesthetic perspective


The painting is based on a photograph of Lough Ree Bog taken from a Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) aerial photographic survey, funded by the outdoor leisurewear company Patagonia and published online in 2012. The survey was used by the FIE to provide information about breaches in Natura 2000 legislation to the Irish authorities, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment and to the President of the European Parliament in 2012. 


Debates over the implementation of EU legislation to date, have been dominated by groups such as the FIE, with the capacity to draw upon funding from charitable foundations to lobby European and State agencies and politicians. This has polarised and exacerbated the present conflict around Turf Cutting. Throughout the debate the imbalance between the representation available to the "conservation and environmental" lobby, in contrast to the resources of landowners and those with longstanding turbary rights has been marked. 


It is shown in conjunction with a series of photographs Fundamentals 1 - 5.

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 Fundamentals 2 Archival Digital Print, 297 × 420 mm 2013 (Copyright the artist).


This exhibition and other interventions in Public Spaces take place alongside other exhibitions marking the centenary of 1913 Lockout including: Limerick City Gallery of Art; Gallery of Photography, Dublin; Temple Bar Galleries & Studios; Belfast Exposed; Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane; CCA Derry Londonderry and other events (1913committee.com)