The exhibition re-presentations includes the archives and documentation of the X-PO project, which formed the outcome of Deirdre O’Mahony’s PhD at the University of Brighton exhibited within the context of the artist’s other public artworks and personal practice. The exhibition incorporates documentary videos, paintings, photographs and found objects that provide a critical account of the role of a socially engaged, ‘activist’, arts practice in the unique and specific site of the Burren, County Clare.

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Installation at the Burren College of Art Gallery May 2009.(Photograph Martina Cleary)

1Mapping Group material representations BCA 2009

From the X-PO Mapping Group Archive BCA Gallery 2009 (Photograph Martina Cleary)

9relationships Rinnamona Research Group Family and Community wall drawing and photos

Rinnamona Research Group Family Relationships Wall drawing and photographs. (Photograph Martina Cleary)


Mattie Rynne Archive

5Mattie Rynne

2Mattie Rynne Archive  detail2

John Martin 'Mattie' Rynne                                                                                                               Archive Detail 1. (Photograph Martina Cleary)

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Archive Detail 2. Mattie Rynne Archive (Photograph Martina Cleary)                             Archive Detail 3. Mattie Rynne Archive (Photograph Martina Cleary)

Mattie Rynne Archive  cabinet

3Mattie Rynne Archive  detail3









Archive 4. Mattie Rynne Archive (Photograph Martina Cleary)                                                  Archive 5. Mattie Rynne Archive (Photograph Martina Cleary)

Wall drawing from Mattie Rynne Archive BCA 2009

The Object of the Social State. Wall drawing excerpt from essay by  Mattie Rynne. Mattie Rynne Archive (Photograph Martina Cleary)

Mattie Rynne Archive  corner3

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