Some Ways to Grow Potatoes

Gerry Mullins Potato Ridge

The parades may be cancelled but St. Patrick's Day has  traditionally been the time to start planting potatoes. What better way to alleviate the anxiety and stress of this moment than to grow your own food. Here are some ways of growing potatoes. If you have seed potatoes great, if not, don't let it put you off trying - most potatoes will sprout and produce a crop.

There are several ways they can be grown depending on space. If you have a garden here is an animation by Cian Brennan produced for SPUD Morocco on how to make a lazy bed, a great way to convert lawns into vegetable plots. Once the potatoes are established they keep down weeds and clear the ground ready for planting with winter greens once harvested.


To download a pamphlet on ways of growing potatoes in Lazy Beds or ridges and how to store see HOW TO GROW POTATOES PAMPHLET Pdf

If space is limited containers are easy - anything that holds soil, from shopping bags to large white containers can be used. Container Planting Pdf.

A potato crop takes between 90 - 120 days from planting, depending on the weather

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