Call if you are passing... Galway University Hospital 2021

The Mattie Rynne archive: The unbreakable cup and saucer. Photograph Deirdre O'Mahony 2020.

Celebrating the launch of POST_, the newly commissioned audio-based artwork by Deirdre O’Mahony, Call if you are passing… presents pertinent examples from the artist’s socially engaged practice in rural contexts in Ireland, Denmark and the USA.

Drawing, photographs and wall texts will represent three projects by the artist, FARM about issues affecting farmers in Ireland and USA, Groundworks, about efforts to sustain rural towns in Denmark and X-PO in the former post office in Co Clare, revived as a social and community space.  Call if you are passing… was a postcard found with the objects and belongings of the ex-postmaster, that points to ideas of home, belonging, and how we care for our mental and spiritual wellbeing - themes echoed in Deirdre’s audio work, POST.

The exhibition highlights the connection between people and place , drawing attention to the shared experience of rural communities on both sides of the Atlantic as they struggle in the face of climate and market changes, and dwindling public services.

In response to Deirdre’s work, selected projects from the Saolta Arts Participative Arts Programme will also be exhibited offering patients’ insights into place, memory, and home.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the exhibition will now take place in early 2021