Forest Culture - Tangeled Web

Tangled Web. A Space for Lismore project St Carthage Hall 2020

Oak Grove Lismore, Photograph Deirdre O'Mahony 2019

Across 2020 Deirdre O’Mahony will work collaboratively with groups and individuals in a series of talks, walks and workshops. Using St Carthage Hall as a base, the group will return from investigative trips to produce a deep mapping process of the complex human, natural and social ecology of the forests around the Lismore region.

Beginning in late 2019, Deirdre will hold walks that explore the natural and human ecologies of the forest.  Each walk will take different approaches - deep listening, sensory, tactile, smell and taste investigations to overcome habits and understand and experience the woodland differently. The programme of walks will look to the human and non-human history evident in the forest; tree harvesting, farming, hunting etc. Participants will be given an encounter diary and asked to record observations and investigations in whatever form is best suited.

The information gathered during the physical experience of the forest will be further informed by evening discussions led by individuals with different experiences of the forest- history, bioarchaeology, commercial use, plant life, animals, insect life, flora, fungi and mushrooms. This will feed into workshops into botanical drawing.

By working in Lismore over a three – month period the intention is to map the traces of human and non-human histories that still remain in the land. Deirdre hopes to meet and engage with farmers, forestry workers, hunting enthusiasts, wildlife experts, recreational users, foragers, and anyone with an interest in the estate forest.

The project will result in an archive exhibition in early March 2020 at St Carthage Hall.