For Welcome to the Neighborhood Askeaton Contemporary Arts' residency Deirdre O'Mahony opened an office in an empty shop in the town’s East Square with a sign, Public Works, that drew on public familiarity with the Office of Public Works in Ireland - the body responsible for the care and maintenance of State buildings and heritage. During opening hours, visitors could consult the artist and a compilation of documents tracing the hopes and residues of mainly unimplemented infrastructural and industrial development policies of the area. Ecovillage settlements, road development, rail networks and factories funded by speculative foreign investment all feature, accompanied by a videowork tracing the history of Shannon Development, a now defunct regional quango that continues to haunt the managerial and bureaucratic regimes of the MidWest.

Askeaton residency

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Photographs courtasy of Askeaton Contemporary Arts 2015

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