Missing Masses Research period and public presentation in Pistoia, Italy .

Curator Giacomo  Bazzami ran a series of exhibitions, events, research residencies and public presentations Missing Masses in the city of Pistoia, 30 km from Florence. The city of Pistoia is known because it is one of the main areas for container plant production in Europe.

The residency was hosted by Fondazione  held in Villa Stonorov, that was done by the modernist architect Stonorov for the home and the studio of Vivarelli. The Villa has two guest rooms will be used for the artists in residence for this summer in June and July. The plan is to have a serie of artist residencies to research projects, ideas and proposals to present to the city, and host a serie of conferences and presentations by artists.

The assistance, translation and support by Giacomo  Bazzami, artist Francesca Catastini was invaluable and hospitality and introductions provided by members of the Fondazione Jorio Vivarelli that allowed  a greater insight into the social, cultural and environmental dynamics of the city and region than would otherwise have been possible. 

Missing Masses