Mind Meitheal is a process used by Deirdre O'Mahony that began in X-PO in October 2011. The process uses the cultural resonance of the Irish word “Meitheal” - the practice of rural collectivity, as a catalyst for locally-based think-tanks to animate discursive and imaginative, active participation within diverse groups around specific issues in rural areas. Common Agricultural Policy reforms and new rural development policies are driving change at an unprecedented rate in rural Ireland, adding to the wider economic and social stresses- mass emigration of young people, diminished services, lack of public transport, etc. This is a key transitional moment and the Mind Meitheal process reflects on how these changes are playing out in rural Ireland.

Starting from the premise that different knowledge forms have parity in the design of creative, sustainable strategies for the social, cultural, economic and natural future, Mind Meitheal seeks to link situated, place-based knowledge with academic, cultural and institution-based knowledge and enable an open, transdisciplinary exchange. Accounts of meetings are circulated locally and across a broad range of academic, cultural and social institutions in order to invite responses that might contribute new insights and address problems and questions generated at the gatherings