A Space for Lismore. St. Carthage Hall 2020

The Forest Culture: Tangeled Web exhibition at St Carthage Hall in early March 2020 was the culmination of four months of research and engagement by participants with the complex woodland ecology of forests in and around Lismore.

OverWinter 2019 and Spring 2020 Deirdre engaged with different groups and individuals through a series of talks, walks and workshops. The walks were led by different foresters and a naturalist, reflecting on different approaches to managing forestry highlighting different perspectives and opinions on the role and importance of forests to human and non-human health, natural biodiversity and the economic future of the region. On the investigative walks participants engaged in a deep mapping of the plant life, animals, insect life, flora and fungi. This, in turn, fed into workshops on botanical drawing and other ways of recording the forest ecosystem. 

The group met weekly producing a large map, A Model Forest, as a way of capturing their hopes for forestry in the area for the future. Individual interests - the forest floor, bat colonies, prehistoric natural forest traces, forest policy research, visual notebooks and material responses in clay can be seen in the different works produced for the exhibition.

Thanks to all who participated in workshops, Andrew Boyle artist, and foresters Tom Kent, Paddy Dwan, Ray Foley and Padraig O’Tuama who led the walks.