WRAP is a series of ten paintings made between 1998 and 1999 that used a process of wrapping canvas and linen around erratic boulders in the Burren, the same boulders whose whose shadowlines provided the basis for the ERRATICS installation at the Guinness Hopstore in 1996.

O'Mahony had the wrap process documented in a sequence of images that firmly located these works within the highly contested landscape of the Mullaghmore Mountain in the Burren National Park. She rubbed and scoured the surface with plants, mud or grass to provide an imprint or ‘text’, for later work in the studio.The paintings were presented in different formats and using a range of art historical references, highlight the complexity and contradictions of the relationship between culture and landscape both in the Burren and in Ireland. Some were highly crafted and stretched on deep aluminum frames, others remained as imprints pinned on the wall, barely touched by a brush. The work was made for installation in Galway Arts Centre, the former home of Lady Gregory, a key-figure in the drive to mythologise the west at the turn of the twentieth century.

Wrap #1 Acrylic on unstretched Canvas, 300 x 250 1998. Collection the artist.

Wrap #2 Acrylic on Canvas, 300 x 250 x 7 cm, 1998. Private collection.

Wrap #5 Acrylic on Canvas, 300 x 250 x 7 cm, 1998. Collection the artist


WRAP Installation Galway Arts Centre January 2000. L to R: Wrap 8, Wrap 2, Wrap 7.


Installation WRAP Galway Arts Centre Jan. 2000. L to R: Wrap 5, Wrap 7, Wrap 3.

Wrap #3 Acrylic on Canvas, 300 x 250 x 7 cm, seen installed in Limerick City Hall during EV+A 1998. Collection O'Mahony's Booksellers Limerick.

WRAP 5 (Urcadia) Acrylic on Canvas 198 x 225.5 cm, 1999. Collection the artist.


Wrap 5 in progress, the Burren County Clare 1999.

WRAP #5 was made for the Jim Kemmy memorial exhibition, at Limerick City Gallary of Art where artists were asked to respond to a work in the collection. O'Mahony painted a copy of one of the oldest paintings in the collection, a landscape by Robert Carver. In 1991 Germano Celant awarded Carver’s painting first prize in EV+A so that it could be restored and repaired. The copy of Carver's work was wrapped by the artist around a Burren erratic boulder and the surface sanded, re-stretched, and erased all but the holes made in the canvas by the rock.


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