1998 - 2000

Engaging directly with the landscape to question its representation.

Wrap was a series of paintings that engaged directly with the land. Canvas was wrapped around boulders in the Burren to record the imprint of their forms and textures. 

The overlapping layers of paint imprint this distinctive Irish landscape onto the canvas to create an abstract map to add to the plethora of representations. In this way, the series of paintings was to question accepted notions of the Irish landscape and the way in which it is closely bound up with our sense of identity.  Wrap reflects on the way the West of Ireland’s landscape has been commodified and marketed in various ways, and the effects of the presentation of our landscape for tourism. 

Following Erratics, Wrap led to further projects that contemplated and engaged with the Burren’s landscape and interactions with it. The series was exhibited as part of EV+A in 1998, curated by Paul O’Reilly, Galway Art Centre in 2000, and the Lukacs Gallery, Fairfield University, USA in 2001.

Supported by Fairfield University, the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and Galway Arts Centre


  • The Burren, Co. Clare
  • Belltable Arts Centre
  • Galway Arts Centre