Visqueux Paintings

2004 - 2007

Visqueux is a series of paintings made between 2003 – 2008 that reflect on natural resource management and water quality in North Clare.

Deirdre made a series of monochromatic oil paintings  titled Visqueux, a further development of the Surface, Trace and Bloom paintings.. Taking the title from Sartre’s characterisation of ‘Visqueux’ (Slimy) as ‘the gagging suction of a leechlike past that will not release its grip’, this series pointed to the unresolved relationship between place, space and identity which is played out in relation to the regulation of landscape in the West of Ireland.

The work was intended to seduce and intrigue and were exhibited alongside the Viscaux Photographs and material objects. Deirdre quotes Gerhard Richter, ‘…the photograph provokes horror, and the painting- with the same motif- something more like grief’.




  • County Clare