Planting to inspire and change cultural attitudes to farming and climate change.

At VISUAL Carlow, potato ridges are used to look back to a technology born out of the need for food security in Ireland’s past, and forward to future food security and climate change. The ridges have been planted by long-time collaborators, the Loy (foot-plough) Association of Ireland in a pattern from the I Ching, ‘the Book of Changes’, an ancient Chinese divination text, in answer to the question: What is the future of sustainable food production in Ireland given climate change?

The following year’s planting will look to the future with a crop of Sainfoin, nicknamed ‘holy hay’ for its many attributes. Deirdre came across Sainfoin during a residency at the Museum of English Rural Life,  UK, in 2017 which culminated in a film, Speculative Optimism.

Throughout the project, Deirdre will engage with with farmers in the region, and with scientists researching animal fodder and herbal lays with conservation benefits.

The plantings compliment VISUAL’s Imagining Futures Programme.

Participants: John Whyte (Chair), Gerry Mullins, Gerry Browne & Thomas Tiernan, representing the Loy Association of Ireland & VISUAL Production team

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Location: Carlow

Funding: VISUAL Carlow


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