Sustainment Experiments: Garden Trials.


Actions to inspire and provoke cultural attitudes and behaviours. 

During the Covid lockdown, Deirdre used her garden to experiment with making and planting raised beds in the front garden of her home in Callan, as a way to share knowledge, information on growing food. The wood for the raised beds was sourced from a local supplier during lockdown. Coincidentally it came from Colligan forest, visited as part of the project for Lismore Castle Arts, Forest Culture, Tangled Web just before lockdown. Left-over wood was then used for a sign, Sustainment, exhibited in Lismore Castle Arts’ Stories From Lismore and Beyond over the summer. This serendipity marks the rootedness of sustainment, how a process of enquiry in one project feeds the next and in society, how the past and present becomes our raw materials for the future.

Garden Experiments supported by an Arts Council of Ireland COVID-19 Crises Response Award





  • Callan, Co. Kilkenny