SPUD: Morocco


Bridging across language barriers to explore the potato and global economy. 

SPUD Morocco furthered the international dissemination of the SPUD project bridging across language barriers to share the knowledge from X-PO. Deirdre was nominated by EVA Biennial of Contemporary Art to participate in the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) Network Activity at the University of Taroudant. There, a SPUD animation commissioned from Cian Brennan that demonstrated how to make potato ridges was exhibited alongside films created by Nadége Mériau at the Florence Trust and posters of different SPUD projects. Potato cakes were made and served in acknowledgement of the hospitality received in Morocco. This provided a local-to-local point of contact, marking the significance of the potato to the global economy and the livelihood of farmers.

Participants: Cian Brennan, Nadége Mériau, Frances Whitehead, Anna Lindh Foundation Ireland 

Overview of the SPUD project.


  • Taroudant, Morocco