SPUD: London


Exploring the relationship between the potato and Irish diaspora.

SPUD: London was a collaboration with Nadége Meriau to make a practical guide for urban GIY gardeners by applying the field ridge method shown by Clare farmer Frances Whelan and planting potatoes in the garden of the Florence Trust, London. The growing crop was filmed and photographed by Mériau, mapping the invisible networks between tuber, soil, microorganisms and plant. The films were shown at the Florence Trust Summer show and Deirdre served potato cakes cut with a MOPE (Most Oppressed People Ever) cookie cutter- a tongue-in-cheek acronym referring to Ireland’s colonial past. SPUD’s London iteration instigated reflection on the identity symbolism of the potato for the Irish diaspora, despite its rootedness in our history.

Overview of the SPUD project.


  • Florence Trust, London