Mind Meitheal

2011 - ongoing

The idea of a Mind Meitheal was originally conceived by Deirdre as a knowledge exchange process that might engage and activate diverse responses to the challenges of contemporary rural life. It seeks to generate discussion and imagination within groups of diverse participants. The broad objective is to create a space where different knowledge forms have parity in the design of creative strategies for social, cultural, economic and natural sustainability.

Mind Meitheal was further developed to provide an open space for the expression and sharing of local, scientific and policy knowledge surrounding the practice of turf-cutting and heritage farming. The engaged public art is a space where people can step outside sectoral constraints and norms and consider alternative perspectives, approaches, diverse skills and practical experiences in relation to specific questions and situations.

Examples of the Mind Meitheal process include:

At X-PO on future economic and environmental ideas for the Burren 2011.

Mind Meitheal at the School of Political Science & Sociology NUI Galway that brought together the Turf Cutter Contractor Association with social justice, economic, cultural and social science experts

T.U.R.F. and the Land Labour, Capital conference Limerick City Gallery of Art. 2012/2013

CERERE on the future of heritage cereal production in Ireland 2018