A Letter to Lucy


Discussing and responding to the uses of imagery in environmental dialogue.

This installation curated by Helen Carey August at Pallas Projects featured a painting based on aerial photographs by Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE), a series of photographs of farmyard manure Fundamentals 1 – 5, as well as printed correspondence between Deirdre and Lucy R. Lippard.

The subject matter was the debates over the implementation of EU Natura 2000 Conservation legislation and the use of these photographs to exacerbate the present conflict around turf cutting. Throughout the debate the imbalance between the representation available to the “conservation and environmental” lobby, in contrast to the resources of landowners and those with longstanding turbary rights has been marked.

Participants: Helen Carey, Lucy R. Lippard, Anthony Haughey, Mark Curran, Deirdre Power, Jennie Guy, Brian Duggan

Supported by Mockingbird Arts, Pallas Projects



  • Pallas Projects