Gangwon Triennale The PLOT 11


The future of agricultural sustainability across international boarders.

The PLOT II mirrors a sculptural project, Sustainment Experiments: The PLOT made in Ireland for VISUAL Carlow as part of a broader enquiry into the future of agriculture. Both sculptural plantings are designed to provoke food security and climate change questions and reflect on agricultural sustainability across international borders.

A question “What is the future of sustainable food production?” was put to the I-Ching. The answer came through hexagram 15, which advised modesty, balance, and humility. In Ireland, the hexagram shape was made from potato ridges; a craft skill developed out of a need for food security in the country’s past. In Korea, it is made in beds of Buckwheat, a food crop that gives quick soil cover, suppresses weeds, provides nectar for pollinators and beneficial insects, loosens topsoil, and rejuvenates low-fertility soils. It also reportedly extracts soil phosphorus from soil better than most grain cover crops.

As the Triennale is now over, PLOT 11 will be used to  grow food ingredients for village feasts and small meal gatherings. The plot is sited behind  a pavilion built for the event which is also now in use for community activities.

Location: 24 219-gil, Wadong-ro, Hongcheon-eup, Hongcheon-gun. Gangwon-do Korea

Duration: September – November 2021