Gangwon Triennale The PLOT 11


The future of agricultural sustainability across international boarders.

The PLOT II mirrors a sculptural project, Sustainment Experiments: The PLOT made in Ireland for VISUAL Carlow as part of a broader enquiry into the future of agriculture. Both sculptural plantings are designed to provoke food security and climate change questions and reflect on agricultural sustainability across international borders.

A question “What is the future of sustainable food production?” was put to the I-Ching. The answer came through hexagram 15, which advised modesty, balance, and humility. In Ireland, the hexagram shape was made from potato ridges; a craft skill developed out of a need for food security in the country’s past. In Korea, it is made in beds of Buckwheat, a food crop that grows quickly, is beneficial to insects, fertilizes the soil and helps to sequester carbon.

Location: 24 219-gil, Wadong-ro, Hongcheon-eup, Hongcheon-gun. Gangwon-do Korea

Duration: September – November 2021