Field Exchange: MODEL PLOT


 Field Exchange was one of 15 projects funded by the Creative Climate action fund through Creative Ireland working with communities to empower people to make real changes in how they interact with the environment and presented by Brookfield Farm in collaboration with artists Deirdre O’Mahony and John Gerrard who each present artworks addressing climate change.

MODEL PLOT was a collaboration between O’Mahony and the Loy Association of Ireland. The sculptural planting highlights a technology, born out of the need for food security in Ireland’s past and forwards to herb and forage crops that point a way to climate resilience in farming.⁠ Four large diamond frames at the heart of the planting were sown with legumes and herb forage crops; Sainfoin, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Vetch and Phacelia. Each crop has a practical value for farmers; fixing nitrogen in the soil, benefiting animal and soil health, or sustaining pollinators and the environment. Over the course of the project, the planting changed, shifting focus from the potato at the beginning to the herb and legume crops after harvest which reflected in a tangible way, the impact of the driest summer on the crops.

Field Exchanges covered different topics, from designing a low-input farm for the future with natural fertility; to supporting creative agriculture in changing the food system, and helping consumers and food producers reach each other, facilitated by NOTS (National Organic Training Skillnet). Sign up Here

 Duration: April – September 2022

Location: Brookfield Farm, Tipperary.

MODEL PLOT is co-produced by Deirdre O’Mahony and Eilis Lavelle. Technical support: Adam Stead, Documentation: Miriam O’Connor and Brendan Keogh.

Field Exchange is presented by Ailbhe Gerrard and co-produced by Ailbhe Gerrard and Culture Works. Funded by Creative Ireland with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications |  Creative Climate Action Fund