39th EVA International


Curated by Merve Elveren, phase 2 of the 39th EVA International’s Guest Programme, Little did they know, is sited in three venues in Limerick – information here.

The exhibition at Park Point centres around two research projects; Asia Art Archives’ Betsy Damon Archive: Keepers of the Waters (Chengdu and Lhasa) and Kosovo Oral History Initiative’s Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Campaign 1990-1991. Works by Melanie Jackson & Esther Leslie,  Hana Miletić, Deirdre O’Mahony, Richard Proffitt, Mario Rizzi, and Aykan Safoğlu surround these archival-research presentations, allowing for broader dialogues between notions of home and uprooting, remembrance and forgetting, care and action.

Deirdre’s Erratics installation of paintings  were made by tracing the shadow outlines of erratic boulders on Mullaghmore Mountain the Burren National Park. This period  coincided with a locally divisive and controversial plan to construct an interpretive centre near Mullaghmore in the 1990s. The installation stands as a testament to the lasting effects of a local conflict, while reflecting on broader themes of belonging, Identification and political authority.

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More on the Erratics series here

Opens 2 July – 22 August 2021, Thursdays – Sunday 11.00 – 16.00 or by appointment.