Exploring otherness and displacement in personal and geographical contexts.

An Arts Council residency in Killinaboy National School in 1995 introduced Deirdre to a section on the eastern side of Mullochmore Mountain covered with erratic boulders known to some as “The Giant’s Playground”. In autumn and springtime, the boulders cast deep, long shadows over the pavement rock.  Deirdre traced the actual shifting shadows, transcribing the inky black fissures onto unstretched canvases. On returning to the studio paint and dust was applied within the traced shadowlines.

Erratics are outsiders, boulders carried and deposited by moving ice sheets. The painted Erratics became a metaphorical space for Deidre to locate her personal experience of otherness and displacement, first when living in London and in rural County Clare. They also pointed to the passage of rural/urban migration taken by so many, mirrored in the relocation of the awkward images of ‘otherness’ to a metropolitan gallery spaces; initially the Guinness Hopstore in Dublin, a disused Cadillac showroom at Boston University’s Fuller Art Gallery, the Context Gallery in Derry and the Model Art Centre Sligo.


  • The Burren, Co. Clare
  • Boston, USA
  • Context Gallery, Derry
  • The Model, Co. Sligo