Cross Land


Cross Land, explores the consequences of changes in landscape regulation and farming practices, the culling of feral goats and the rapid spread of Hazel scrub in the region.

The work takes the form of a coppiced ‘X’, cut by hand from the scrub and documented using Kite Aerial Photography. This process led to questions about how best to effectively engage different stakeholders in an extended process of collective, and potentially agonistic, reflection on a sustainable future for the region. This led Deirdre to re-open the former post-office in Kilnaboy as “X-PO” in order to open a public conversation on the changing landscape and decisions on its future. Cross Land was subsequently exhibited in Hybrid 1, Redline Gallery, Denver and selected by Jenny Haughton for Periodical Review 20/16.

Cross Land was a temporary public artwork commissioned under Clare County Arts Office Ground Up 2 programme.

Cross Land Diary