Centre Culturel Irlandais Residency


Research and reflection on French pharmacist A.A. Parmentier

This residency at the Centre Culturel Irlandais (CCI) in Paris was to research French pharmacist A.A. Parmentier, who worked with different political regimes from Louis XV to Napoleon, to address problems of food security and public health in the 18th Century. It coincided with the beginnings of The Sustainment Experiments, a new 5-year research and practice-based experimental research project which thinks through studio and field experimentation and public engagement, about soil health, farming and food production, in order to activate and animate imaginative strategies for changing how we grow and consume food.

The month-long residency reflected on the effectiveness of Parmentier’s actions in changing cultural habits and behaviours towards food production and research into Voltaire’s interest in gardens and gardening as he played such an important role in introducing enlightenment values while problematising the certainties of dogma.

Supported by the Centre Culturel Irlandais and Kilkenny Arts Office


  • Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris