Field Exchange: MODEL PLOT

In 2022, Brookfield Farm will play host to Field Exchange, one of 15 projects taking place all around the country that are being funded by the Creative Climate action fund through Creative Ireland. These projects will work with communities to empower people to make real changes about how they interact with the environment.

In between, a group of 30 farmers, experts, and artists will assemble at exchange tables led by the National Organic Training Skillnets over 12 days of exchange tables over 12 weeks. Each of the 12 events will support farmers to implement agricultural practices that help combat climate change both in the soil and above it.

Field Exchange will also present two artworks addressing climate change: A newly commissioned sculptural planting entitled Model Plot, by Deirdre O’Mahony with the Loy Association of Ireland, open to the public for 12 days over 12 weeks, and Corn Work, by John Gerrard, presented on an LCD screen to the 12 Exchange groups in a barn on the farm.